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Platinum Plan

Are you ready to have a premier website like NYCEye.com, ManhattanMed.com, NYAllergy.com,
BrooklynGI.com, nycChiropractic.com, HoustonGynecology.com
or NYCDermatology.com.

Platinum Plan – $299.00 per month
            $999 Setup fee

Ř      Selection of two web names from our directory for lease and forwarding

·        Over 1000 medical names available

·        Bonus: Forwarding of .Net and .Org for the names you select (if available)

·        Names are customized for your practice and location  

·        MyDoctorsOnCall.com online appointment system included ($249/month value if purchased separately)

·        Premium Yahoo! advertising and promotion with over 400 search engines

Ř      Web development – 24 pages (up to 30 as needed) with full graphic and interaction.  All pages will be personally designed with your office needs.

·        Page 1: Home Page – Welcome & Disclaimer

·        Page 2-3: About the Doctor

·        Page 4-6: About the Specialty and Your Office

·        Page 7-16: Educational Information for Patients including videos and other educational material that are available.  Our regular staff of physician web developers will help provide content and material for this section.

·        Page 17: Drug Database – Patient Education about Most Commonly Prescribed Drugs Your Specialty

·        Page 18: Patient data collection and reporting – for on-line registration

·        Page 19-20: On-Line Scheduling and Appointments for both new and returning patients

·        Page 21: On-Line Practice Evaluation – for patient feedback

·        Page 22: Frequently Asked Questions/Answers

·        Page 23: On-Line Question Submission with Search Capability

·        Page 24: Contacting the Doctor via Internet Mail/Phone and Map with address and directions to the doctor’s office.

Ř      Hosting

·        Email – 12 accounts with internet access for patients to send emails directly

·        Regular maintenance and hassle-free service

·        Redundant Connectivity from AT&T and UUNET

·        Quarterly Web-Based Site Statistics with Site Access Counter

·        150MB of Disk Space

You only have to pay your monthly fee.  We provide all the content and promotion. No Obligation to continue the service if you are not satisfied.  Simply ask to discontinue your service.  The Setup fee is not refundable.


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